Technical data

Deeflexx Sound Deflection Systems


Type description H!1 CORA I H!1 AURA H!1 EDITION
Dim. mm
570 x 260 x 100 I 650 x 280 x 120 650 x 280 x 120
Height mm (standing) 410 I 450 450
Weight kg 0,55 I 1,1 1,3
Temperature °C -20 bis +40 I -20 bis +40 -20 bis +40

iGuitar Magazine 7 Deeflexx review

TOM QUAYLE reviewed the Deeflexx in the IGUITAR MAGAZINE, even the film crew talks about an extraordinary upgrading of the sound …

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Meeting with Aynsley Lister

AYNSLEY LISTER has invited me to meet and test the Deeflexx Systems for the first time – and it was a big surprise for him …

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Microphone placement with Deeflexx at a concert

A constantly increasing number of guitarists and sound engineers use the Deeflexx for superb guitar sounds …

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Jon Herington on tour with Deeflexx

JON HERINGTON invited Jannek Zechner to show him the Deeflexx, it shouldn’t be the last meeting at all …

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