Deeflexx – Holy Grail Guitar Show Berlin

In November 2014 the HOLY GRAIL GUITAR SHOW will be held for the first time. The event was initiated by the EGB – European Guitar Builders Association – to create a platform for luthiers all over the world to show their guitars.

There will be demo concerts where the audience can listen to the guitars and basses. The companies will demonstrate their instruments in 20 minutes slots. The special feature will be that there are only guitar -, acoustic guitar – and bass amps in this concert room so that the audience will hear the guitars as they sound. It’s the goal to transmit the authentic sound of these high end instruments to the ears of the listeners.

To spread the sound evenly in the entire room, Deeflexx Systems will be used and there are no additional microphones and PA. This way there won’t be any shrill or dull sounding zones in front of the amps and and the entire audience will hear the amazing collection of guitars in the same quality.

Links of the Holy Grail Guitar Show:
> Homepage Holy Grail Guitar Show
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> Facebook Event Holy Grail Guitar Show – Klick “Join” and come to the show !


I will be present at the Holy Grail Guitar Show on SAT 15th and SUN 16th November and I am looking forward to meet old mates and making new friends.

As ever you will find me – I am the guy with the orange t-shirt on …

Juha Ruokangas & HooVi
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