Deeflexx in a large scale operation at the Holy Grail Guitar Show

Deeflexx Systems attracted great attention and amazement as “unknown factor” at first sight.

More than 115 luthiers in tightest space, more than 1500 visitors and a perfect organisation by the
EGB – European Guitar Builders – – –

It was impossible to take pictures of all exhibits or luthiers, they were always deep in conversation!
So these are some snapshots representing themselves and the ones who got lost shoptalks.
Michael Spalt  (AT) Juha Ruokangas (FI) Andreas Neubauer (AT) Frank Deimel (GE) Juha Ruokangas
Kaz Goto (JP) Jose Ramos (ES) Jens Ritter (DE) Nik Huber (GE) Gitarre&Bass Team

The EGB team around the presidents Michael Spalt and Juha Ruokangas have provided a pleasant ambience. Exhibitors, sponsors, specialist press and visitors were full of praise and surprised by incredible ideas and details.

Deeflexx Systems in the Demo Room for monitoring and sound distribution:
There were surprisingly high amount of feedbacks about the Deeflexx used in the demo shows. The Systems provided a perfect monitoring for the musicians and a “a listening experience we haven’t heard before” – so some quotes tell!
It was amazing that even at higher volumes people sitting in the fire line of the amps didn’t have to escape! Even acoustic guitars and voice through an acoustic amp were heard perfectly up to the last row – ANOTHER PROOF OF CONCEPT!



MICHAEL SPALT (AT) / EGB President: > Homepage
We really want to thank HooVi for the “exceptional” support of the HGGS. The use of the Deeflexx Systems was a major step to provide the best possible sound for the audience in the demo shows regardless where they where sitting or standing. This way the instruments and musicians where presented the best possible way !

JUHA RUOKANGS (FI) / EGB Vicepresident: > Homepage
The Deeflexx was a perfect solution for The Holy Grail Guitar Show demo concerts to spread the presence of the instruments tone evenly to the entire room. It enabled us to equip the rooms lightly, and keep the signal path as direct as possible, so that people didn’t need to focus on anything else except the great tone from the great instruments made by the exhibiting luthiers of the show!

ANDREAS NEUBAUER (AT) / Neubauer Guitars: > Homepage
After playing the first chord I was both really shocked and deeply touched at once. I couldn’t believe it but I felt myself as part of an audible three- dimensional chord.

HEINZ REBELLIUS  (GE) / Gitarre&Bass Magazine: > Homepage
Maybe I can describe it this way – I felt like I was part of the sound. Thinking about it retrospectively, I guess Deeflexx can even change the way we experience music – AWE-INSPIRING!

JOSE RAMOS  (ES) / Ramos Guitars: > Homepage
I just have one word to describe it: UNBELIEVABLE! The sound seemed to surround all the room wherever you were at. It was such a big help not only for the musicians; the audience was grateful too.

KAZ GOTO (JP) / Jerseygirl Guitars: > Homepage
I was surprised when I plugged in my guitar – I never heard my own trusted sounds in such a way – THIS is really amazing ! All the notes I picked were clear and fat at the same time and they surrounded me like sitting “in a sound cloud”. This great idea must change the future of the musical stage performance and demoing guitars !

(*) Heinz Rebellius – editor of the Gitarre&Bass Magazine – was coincidently listening to the same guitar demo like me. In an email he wrote:

At the Holy Grail Guitar Show in Berlin I attended a demo show, where Kalle Kamila, a jazz guitarist from Finland, presented two Deimel guitars. In the beginning I took a seat in the center of the room. I was in the second row and the amps were nearly at ear level. It was remarkable, that the sound of the amps filled the entire room and was not just beamed in one direction. Maybe I can describe it this way – I felt like I was part of the sound. Thinking about it retrospectively, I guess Deeflexx can even change the way we experience music – AWE-INSPIRING!

I experienced something similar when I changed to another position to have a better view. Now I was sitting at the very left edge and Kamila played a guitar, where front and bridge pickup were fed to two separate amps. Like a Leslie the sound began oscillating between both amps creating an impressive stereo sound.

And now I noticed that even from this extreme lateral position I could still hear both amps at the same volume although one of them was standing far away. It was astonishing that I still felt like I was sitting right in the middle of the sound and could hear this stereophonic left/right panning very veridical. AWE-INSPIRING!

Carl Verheyen – Deeflexx endorsement – Gitarre & Bass magazine

The today’s largest deeflexxed guitar rig is CARL VERHEYEN’s stage backline on the Mustang Run Tour …

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Maik Keller & Deeflexx

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His sound is slightly [...]

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Rabea Massaad & Deeflexx

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Deeflexx monitoring for 5 electric guitars

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