Deeflexx monitoring for 5 electric guitars

You don’t get the opportunity everyday to provide a perfect monitoring for a 6 guitar band – right? 9 Deeflexx Systems took place on stage for this special event …

Backline consisting of  four 2×12 and one 1×12 amp and all in all 9 Deeflexx.

The gig started with the first guitarist on stage. With every song one more player joined the band so that you could finally hear 1 acoustic guitar and 5 electric guitar!

The soundcheck was done in a record-breaking time. The musicians decided to stand in a semicircle to get the best possible visual contact to interact very easily with one another.

The monitor for the acoustic guitar was already prepared because of some bands played before. So the only thing that needed to be done during soundcheck was putting Deeflexx in front of the amplifiers and to set each combo at the right level – DONE! 
And believe me – the sound cloud on stage was like in guitar heaven …

The monitors on stage were fed only with the signal of the microphone for moderation and the acoustic guitar.
If the monitor for the acoustic guitar would have been standing upright and equipped with Deeflexx, all other monitor wedges would have been dispensable …

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