First official music video with Deeflexx

Deeflexx player Carles Salse, guitarist of the well known band EXCESO, was the first guitarist of Spain who played with the Sound Deflection System. After some rehearsals and gigs he contacted me because he was so amazed by the ‘new sound’ of his guitar rig.

‘The Deeflexx works great! It brings the sound of your amp right to your head making playing live a totally new experience. You can’t imagine how good it works until you try it by yourself and realize how the Deeflexx could change your playing forever.
In one word: UNBELIEVABLE!!!’

Carles has sent me a signed CD of their new CD ‘Canciones del segundo origen’. But what this album makes it very special to the history of the Deeflexx is this:

Exceso “Rojo Arte” is the FIRST OFFICIAL MUSICVIDEO of a band with Deeflexx! – So the OSCAR goes to – EXCESO!

We are very proud and thankful for this honour – THANKS to Carles Salse and his band Exceso!

Ferran Conejos – voc / Carles Salse – git / Miguel Pino – git
Guillem Vila – bass / Xavier Linares – drums

Links: > EXCESO Homepage / > EXCESO Facebook

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