iGuitar Magazine 7 Deeflexx review

iGuitar Magazine reviewed the Deeflexx Sound Deflection System in issue 7. The exceptional guitarist and contributor Tom Quayle explains and shows audibly the extraordinary effect.

Some quotes:

“Even the film crew sat either side of the stage could hear a marked difference in the tone that was reaching their ears, saying they could experience a warmer sound and less variation around the room.”

“I know a number of guitarists who won’t do a gig without Deeflexx now and I highly recommend that you check it out”.

“The Deeflexx would be really useful in a number of situations. Live, you’ll be able to hear a better representation of your sound …For recording, I had great results positioning a mic just above the top of the unit …”

Top rating: 4 Stars

You will find the full review and the video in the iGuitar Magazine on page 126.
Tom is talking about his surprising experiences and what happened in the studio.

Some screen shots of the video

You can jump between the samples by clicking in these sections (04:05 – 04:44) > iGuitar Magazine 7 video — page 128
Using headphones is recommended, it will sound very familiar to you!

> Review  iGuitar Magazine 7— page 126
> Homepage Tom Quayle

A BIG THANK YOU goes to founding editor GARY COOPER, TOM QUAYLE and all of the IGUITAR MAGAZINE TEAM!

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