Interview HooVi Gitarre & Bass Magazine

In addition to the backline story of Carl Verheyen, the Gitarre & Bass Magazine invited me for an interview. Carl gave us great insight to his world of sounds on stage. After thoroughly testing the Deeflexx in the USA, Carl decided to make it a permanent part of his rig.

Photographs courtesy of Gitarre & Bass

Reading this article, you will find out why it finally came to a professional development of a diffuser system.
The long way has led to experiments with screen-like sound shields and unsuccessful attempts to improve so called beam blockers. But all these approaches failed entirely.Eventually, until I discovered a new shape, that did not influence the characteristic sound of the amp or speaker.
With these interlaced forms it then was possible for the first time in history to create other acoustic effects like “warming up”the sound or creating “Enhanced Zones” for fellow musicians.
You will find the complete Interview with HooVi and Carl Verheyen in issue 2/2014 in the Gitarre & Bass Magazine. (German) Some feedbacks of early readers showed, that they where surprised about the huge effort and the long history. Nobody expected this …
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