Jannek Zechner Kultursommer Oldenburg

On July 22nd Jannek Zechner performed at the Kultursommer Oldenburg festival, a 14 day-long festival located in the north of Germany. The matter of fact is, that

Jannek’s gig was the one with the largest audience of around 3000 people. Jannek did not only convince with the band he gathered around him but also with the young and locals talents he invited on stage, to give the scene something back in return for all the help he has received while growing up as a striving musician.

At some point during his concert he had 11 musicians playing and singing on stage and when it came to the soundcheck he made a clear statement saying:

“Keep it low on the monitors, no guitar on any of them! I have Deeflexx Systems for everyone, even for the bassist!
Deeflexx helped me to hear my stereo sound anywhere on stage!!! Even my organ player was happy with the sound and he was seated about 10 meters away from one of my amps!”


“I am a Deeflexx player for a few years now and I have been the link to players like Carl Verheyen, Jon Herington and Peter Moshay, who now swear on the Deeflexx. – “Ain’t playing my Axe without Deeflexx!”

Jannek is a student at the Berklee College of Music in Boston and works not only as a studio and live guitarist but is also producing many artists, writes Jingles and Library music and was practically trained by Carl Verheyen during his time in Los Angeles.


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