Jennifer Batten Europe Tour with Deeflexx

JENNIFER BATTEN – Solo guitarist; Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck – is using Deeflexx Systems on her first European solo tour!

During the tour 2013 through India and Europe Jennifer including her fantastic band drops the anchor at some stages in Austria.
Two days before her gig in Kufstein an Email dropped in:

“Would love to hear the Deeflexx systems ! Thx !!!”

So I took beneath my obligatory camera some Deeflexx Systems with me and met Jennifer before the sound check. It seems she has already gotten some first information from her friend Carl Verheyen and therefore the setup was done in a minute:
Set up amp, Deeflexx in front – READY !

Even the sound check was done in a very short time and the decision was a very quick one! Jennifer will use the Deflection Systems for the rest of the tour and take them back to the USA. Here some live gigs and recording sessions are waiting …

> Tour dates JENNIFER BATTEN – 3 new dates!

> Deeflexx products


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