Jon Herington on tour with Deeflexx

When JON HERINGTON (Steely Dan) was touring the east coast with Madeleine Peyroux last fall they also stopped by in Boston. Arriving there, Jannek Zechner, who is one of our few Deeflexx players in America, was waiting for them already – with an Deeflexx H!1 EDITION in his hand!

Jon played the Deeflexx for his soundcheck and the first reaction they got was his drummer saying:

“Wait what? How did this happen?”

After the mesmerizing concert Jon thanked Jannek for this great device and asked him to bring him a Deeflexx to New York.

One week ago Jannek grabbed a Deeflexx and drove down to Manhattan. Arriving there he was surprised by Madeleine Peyroux and her bassist Barak Mori.
The Trio was rehearsing for their upcoming east coast tour!
Jannek stayed for another two hours to learn as much as he could from these master – as he told me enthusiastically!

Impression of two happy guitarists …

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Jon Herington on tour with Deeflexx

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