Balanced Band
The acoustic ‘sweet spot’ of an amp
Bass coupling & stacking effect


Balanced Band

Even when playing in your rehearsal room, you have check that the SOUND and the VOLUME of the instruments are adjusted to each other. Everyone needs to listen to both himself and his fellow musicians to work out a good groove. No instrument should sound too shrill or too bass-heavy.

When the amps stand on the floor, the highs and the presence tend to be pushed up, but when the amps are tilted or sat on stools, the bass is often overemphasized and the high toned down. It gets more difficult when you are playing a gig, because you can’t arrange your amps in the way as in your rehearsal room – but a good PA sound will be killed if you have too much bass or highs on stage.

If you use the Deeflexx at rehearsals right from the beginning, you will be able to balance out your sounds perfectly, because each musician will hear everyone’s original sound.

On stage, the amps will sound just the same, and beaming won’t affect your sound any more. If you really need to, you can just make small corrections with your EQ. After a couple of gigs you will reach a really good average sound, which will always feel good when you are playing.

A “balanced band” is the secret of a cool PA sound!

The acoustic ‘sweet spot’ of an amp

Experienced guitarists know that any amp or cab sounds different depending on the position of the listener. However, there is one small spot where the speaker will sound perfect.

Depending on the design and type of the speaker, this “sweet spot” is about 2–3m in front of and 0.5–1m to the side of the amp. Here you will get a perfect mix of all frequencies, and the EQ setting is an ideal basis for recording with a microphone.

Exactly at this small point, the amp sounds perfect and you won’t notice any difference in sound whether you use a Deeflexx or not. However, WITH Deeflexx this small “sweet spot” will be enlarged to a nearly unlimited “sweet-zone”, in which the amp will sound the same whether it is close to the speaker or not, or even behind it – you will always feel this close contact.

It has been a really long and rocky path to achieve this!

Bass coupling effect:

When a speaker sits on the floor, it sounds powerful and impressive, because the bass frequencies are boosted by the small distance to the floor. The performance of 1×12 combos and open cabinets particularly benefit from this. When the cab is tilted or lifted just a little, the sound gets weaker. This phenomenon can be checked very easily.

Stacking effect

The bass is increased by putting 2 or more cabinets next to each other or with only a small distance in between. This effect is used for guitar- and bass cabinets and also for PA speakers, to get the maximum punch with a minimum of speakers.

With the Deeflexx, both the bass coupling effect and the stacking effect combined can be used deliberately.

To get out an impressive sound out of even 2 1×12 cabs, just arrange them side by side or with a small distance in between. On big stages you can stack up to 4 or more cabinets to get the maximum bass power.

In clubs or in the rehearsal room, the bass can be too loud, sounding boomy. There is no need to change the EQ, because you can control the bass just by varying the distance between the cabs. In this way, the sound for the microphone will remain the same, with 4 pieces of 1×12 or 2 pieces of 2×12 cabs you can be flexible and superbly equipped for every stage
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For a professional product like the Deeflexx, the only option was the best material. The requirements are comprehensive: best acoustic characteristics, elastic, dimensionally stable, transparent, unbreakable, impact-resistant, scratch resistant, long product life, a large spectrum of possibilities for a unique design.

Polycarbonate was the outstanding choice – expensive, but absolutely the best on the Market. It is used for aircraft windows, non-splintering glazing and light domes, protective helmets and visors and even as bulletproof glass. Some videos on video-platforms like YouTube demonstrate this indestructibility impressively.

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