Meeting with Carl Verheyen

CARL VERHEYEN came to the “Kammgarn” in Hard with his  CVB “MUSTANG RUN” TOUR. At sharp 4 pm the bus turned around the corner and minutes later the gear was set on stage.

As already known the sound check of the Neo-Deeflexx-Player was rather short. Carl wired his amps and effects purposefully and set up the Deflection Systems – he has a vast amount of amps and effects set up for his show!

He grabbed his favorite Strat, played some riffs through the clean and lead amps and announced: That’s it – no guitar on the monitors – pleeease,  now the vocal mic – pleeease  …“

Speaking this sentence he grinned from ear to ear and winked at me …

Even the sound engineer told me he never experienced that kind of sound on stage. As Carl set up his rig the sound engineer was wondering whether the massive beam zone would effect the audience -  BUT we had a little ace in our back pockets …
I had to explain some things after the sound check, today Deeflexx is part of the inventory of the club!

So we had a bunch of time to speak and eat until the band went backstage to prepare for the gig. The following show left the audience speechless …

Carl, Stu & Jason in action … ready for the next gig Carl – absolutely relaxed …

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