Microphone placement with Deeflexx at a concert

The Deeflexx Sound Deflection System extends the spectrum of a microphone placement many times over to get cool organic sounds.

These pictures show a sweet spot for the microphone and it was exactly the same spot that was found in the studio. You only have to mark it with an adhesive label to take your sound from the studio to the stage.

For the recordings a SM57 and a AMT B811 where used to create the amazing sounds for the record.

If the character of a guitar sound should be changed even more …
… you had to set up, rewire and mike different amps and cabs and you have to find this one good sounding sweetspot.

Instead of this timeconsuming work you just have to “search” for sweetspots like using a stethoscope ON and in the nearer vicinity of the Deeflexx. The great variety and the different characters of the sounds are amazing and impossible to be made without a Deeflexx System.

Some more information about recording with Deeflexx is planned for the future …

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