Nalle Colt & Deeflexx

Nalle Colt came into my life after Jesse Hoff of Lazy J amps called me up to talk about the acoustic problem of his friend. He and the sound tech was very unhappy with raising the amps or using sound shields to get a better monitoring on stage and have a shelter against the beam of the speakers.

So after getting in contact with Nalle he tested Deeflexx Systems on the UK tour March 2015 and used them on all AC/DC stages during the European and US tour. We met in Munich for the first time and I could see the VINTAGE TROUBLE Show on the best known stage of the world !

In October VT started their headliner tour in USA and continued in Europe and so we met up in Munich again in the very nice club Technikum. For the first time I could hear the 3D-stereo-surround-sound provided by the 2 deeflexxed Lazy J Amps and a Vibratone Leslie. It was real cool to walk around on the stage during the soundcheck and hear and feel the sound cloud !
And I can tell you – this was one of the highlights of the year!

“Compared to the big AC/DC stages I found out a different way to set up the amps on smaller stages. As you can see the amps are oriented towards the side. This way I have a very clear guitar sound standing in the sideward “Enhanced Zone” of the Deeflexx Systems.”

“When I am playing clean sounds at a lower volume I like to stand just right next to the amps in front of the drum raiser. (*)
The sound is clear and fat and not as shrill and thin as if you are standing near or in the beam zone of an amp.

If I play a solo and move to the middle of the stage I still can hear and feel my guitar even when the distance is up to 5 – 7 meters. That was impossible before Deeflexx -  AMAZING !”

We talked about some more variations to increase the enhanced zone or to change the setup if the stereo image should be more intense on stage.
You’ll never know how your guitar sound will develop in the future and Deeflexx will project it like a beamer to the maximum.”

(These examples just should give an idea how variable the monitoring can be if the “Enhanced Zones” of 2 speakers are used in a extended range)
(*) Nalle’s setup Technikum Munich Variation for enlarged “Enhanced Zone” Variation for a maximum stereo effect

“You know – looking for the best feeling and sound is an endless story and I like to experiment! But the Deeflexx Systems help very impressive and always will be a core part of my guitar rig!”

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