Nalle Colt discovered Deeflexx

Nalle Colt was preparing his things to start the European Spring Tour of his band Vintage Trouble. Like every year it started with contacting Jesse Hoff, builder and creator of his beloved Lazy J amps.

Jesse was testing and using Deeflexx Systems for several months before and he knew about Nalle’s problem on stage. Nalle always claimed the phase cancellations caused by the sound shields that implicate an indirect sound on stage and interferences that are picked up by the microphones for the monitoring and FOH System.
Lifting the amps on cases helped a bit to get a clearer sound but the sound was thin because of the missing bass coupling effect of the ground. And the beam zones of the cranked amps were still a problem for the audience and sound engineer behind the mixing console. And like every experienced guitarist Nalle knew about the thin “transistor radio sound” when you move away from the amps on axis!

“I was surprised about the fat sound and “sound upgrade” out of my familiar 2 1×12 J20 combos during the tour in the UK.
And I was even more surprised since I could use the Deeflexx Systems on the huge AC/DC stage during all European concerts. It’s unbelievable that this even and full sound is produced only by 2 small amps,
sometimes I look behind me thinking that I added some speaker cabs or something …”

Nalle will use the Systems on other big stages too, because Vintage Trouble will play with “The Who”  in the Hyde Park and the Glastonbury festival and …

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Photographs courtesy of Adam Kennedy and Kerry Langford – Big Thank You!

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