New visitor record – Deeflexx in forums

Thursday 23rd November 2012 – WHAT A CRAZY DAY!

My web master asked me what I have done, as we have reached a new record for hits on the web site WWW.HOOVI.AT.
I told him I have no idea, what happened?

It seemed there where some parallel entries of new threads in forums about the Deeflexx Sound Deflection System and so we had 89,45% new visitors on this special Thursday!

You will find posts in the following forums:


So we want to thank everyone for your interest and also to welcome more musicians from 30 nations all over the world like United States, Sweden, Belgium, Germany, United Kingdom, Russia, Japan, aso.

This whole site describes the long search for THE perfect monitoring system and you have already got one part of it:
It’s your amp / cab!
The Deeflexx is just the missing link between the speaker and your ears, so that you will hear and feel how your rig really sounds.

I wasn’t happy with any kind of beam blocking device, foam diffuser or other kind of sound shield. Some of them don’t affect the directivity of a speaker, and by using some devices you loose some sweet spots for the microphone, while others produce unwanted interferences and no device could really help you to hear yourself better.

I had the immense luck to be able to gather such great guitarists and sound engineers in my team that I could turn my vision into a real working product. It was a steep, stony and difficult path to shape out a one-for-all-solution without any noticeable change to the original sound of your beloved amp or cab. Now it works in front of your guitar amp, acoustic guitar amp and bass amp, and you even have an even sound distribution in front of monitors or special cabinets for digital modelling or profiling gear.

My team and I hope you will find all answers to your questions, just go through the horizontal and vertical menus. Thanks for your visit, and I hope to meet you on Facebook or maybe in real life, best regards HooVi.

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