News 2010-11-09

The last two months have been unbelievable. Once the first prototype of the Deeflexx was ready, it was tested by players from hobby guitarists to international stars.

At OUTREACH 2010 all the guitarists (Jane Getter, Gene Pritsker, Mino Cinelu) tested the Deeflexx during their parts in the huge concert „Playing for Haiti“ – Franz Hackl & Mikaben, BelO, Mino Cinelu + Outreach Orchester.

Other testers (tests and/or gigs): Dieter Sailer, Herbert Praxmarer, Wolfgang Muhr, Randall Breneman, Adam Skinner, Philipp Moll, Prof. Peter Weihe, Ulf Wakenius, Wolfi Moucka, Maximilian Dornauer, Florian Mair, Andi Tausch, Peter Lindner, Robby Musenbichler, others have already signed up …

I have put together the original quotes and they will be published soon under „Credits“ – so stay tuned …

James Burton & Deeflexx

JAMES BURTON joked: Why did you not invent the Deeflexx when I was on stage with Elvis …

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Meeting with Aynsley Lister

AYNSLEY LISTER has invited me to meet and test the Deeflexx Systems for the first time – and it was a big surprise for him …

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Marcus Deml & Deeflexx

MARCUS DEML, passionate Deeflexx player, describes his experiences and new inspiration …

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Maik Keller & Deeflexx

Maik Keller, bass player of the German Deep Purple Tribute Band “Demon’s Eye” already played together with Jon Lord and Ian Paice (Deep Purple). Maik plays a vintage Ampeg SVT stack with 8×10 cabinet. Throughout the last couple of years he tried various positions and setups on stages with varying dimensions.
His sound is slightly [...]

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