Peer Frenzke 1st Class Session

Peer Frenzke is a much sought-after professional guitar player, just have a look at the long list of well-known names.
Mastermind Peer and his team invite local and international musicians to “play together”, the name “1st Class Session” speaks for itself.

In fact there were up to three guitarists playing “against each other” on stage and the sound chaos was preprogrammed.
This situation changed abruptly as soon as the Sound Deflection System was positioned in front of the 3 amps …

Being the man behind the 1st Class Session Events (as both the organizer and the guitar player of each session) I happen to be on stage with a great bunch of various wonderful artists every month.

In order not to blow away the singers with the usual guitar-blow-dryer we put up a plexi sound shield (“amp shield”) in front of the 4×12 cabinet. To my ears the missing direct signal of my guitar made it sound weak, blunt, sterile, and diffused.
The looks on the faces of the singers and the sound-engineers seemed to get more and more relaxed -  but to my ears it was a strange sound I wasn‘t satisfied with.

And to be honest – some of the original-amp-sound has to be mixed to the sound for the crowd. A guitar sound only received by the FOH-speakers eventually tends to have the effect of a DSP-chip – rather produced by a smaller tool. I‘d never like to commit such a crime, cos I love my self-made ZANDER all-tube-amp and its dynamic range over all frequencies – possibly without the sharp treble and high-mids produced in the center of the speaker. (Essential requirement for “balanced band” ***). But this seemed to be out of reach up to now !

But now I have got the result I was striving for!

Using the DEEFLEXX Systems allows me to drive my amp to the tube saturation now and then without forcing anybody to hold their ears either on or off stage!   :-)

The whole range of frequencies is no longer received as audio-pollution in spite of high gain volume – it sounds warm, fat and traceable in any listening position in the audience and on stage.

Our stage and sound engineers are full of excitement working with these little „plastic-kites“ with every soundcheck. They ask themselves while experimenting with or without them in front of the guitar-speakers how these DEEFLEXX parts can have such an unbelievable impact on the all-over-the-house-sound. Unbelievable but true !

At the end of the day it sure is a brilliant invention after an incredibly time-consuming series of developing and testing for us ambitious guitarists – supported by sound engineers and top pro guitar players like Peter Weihe – as I was told by HooVi on the phone!

Now finally we have got this brilliant invention thought through to the last detail. There is no needless noise on stage spoiling the whole gig – QUITE THE CONTRARY!    :)

Peer Frenzke – guitarist – composer – producer – lecturer: TM Stevens, Bobby Kimball, Carl Verheyen, Jane Comerford, Roachford, Dave Marotta, Phil Gould, Ron Williams, Reggie Worthy, Walfredo Reyes jr., Ian Cussick, Julia Neigel, Sharon Phillips, Edo Zanki, Cassandra Steen, Stoppok, Saint Lu, Ingo Pohlmann, Cosmo Klein,  u.v.a.

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Peer in front of his 4×12 with both Deeflexx – hardly to be seen, BUT they are there!

TM Stevens, Bobby Kimball, Carl Verheyen, Jane Comerford, Roachford, Dave Marotta, Phil Gould, Ron Williams, Reggie Worthy, Walfredo Reyes jr., Ian Cussick,

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