Rabea Massaad & Deeflexx

RABEA MASSAAD is the guitarist of TOSKA and DORJE and well-known product tester.
His Youtube channel was visited more than 10.000.000 times and you can follow him on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
He is testing and talking about guitar gear in videos with Rob Chapman, Daniel Steinhardt of “THE GIG RIG” or with the Captain Lee Anderton of Andertons Music.

Bea – like Beer – he said ! – designed a special guitar model that was built with Chapman Guitars. He is playing a fantastic stereo sound and I think this was the main reason why we got in contact.

Rabea is using a well sorted pedal board to create wide clean and crunch sounds. His heavy sounds are like a massive wall built on stage – you don’t hear something like this every day!

Stereo- and WDW-guitarrig players know about the problem that the sound changes as soon as you move outside of the centre spot of the stereo triangle. If you are standing in the beaming zone of one cab you cannot hear the other speaker. If you are coming near the drums, where the sound should be even a bit brighter because of the snare and cymbals – you just hear a dull guitar signal. If you play a solo in the mid of a big stage, the sound is shrill and thin. Not the best situation to have fun on stage – right?

Bea got to know about Deeflexx on his social media channels and talks with some prominent users. So he contacted me to invite me to a gig to test the Systems on stage – and THAT is the hardest but best test you can do!

I asked the band to setup their rigs as usual and put Systems in front of Bea’s cabs and in front of the bass stack. When Bea and Dave Hollingworth started to play they noticed right from the beginning that the sound filled the stage like a surround sound system – that was something completely new for them. They started to walk around to hear the differences – but there weren’t any …
You should have seen the asking faces when I moved away the Deeflexx !

After the show Bea left the stage and went directly to me:
I never had such even sound on stage. I have absolutely no idea how you managed it, that I could walk around everywhere and I was always surrounded by my sound like in a sound cloud – this is beyond all imagination. I want to shake your hand !”

Before the soundcheck and after the show we had a long conversation because Bea wanted to know more about the background of the invention. So I told him the story that started 30 years ago and ended up with a product that is magically bringing a smile to their faces …

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