Richard Lundmark Deeflexx NAMM 2012

This is a quote of Richards’s blog:

“I also brought a Deeflexx to NAMM with me from HooVi.
This in order to …

a.) … get a completely even sound distribution around the booth, so that no passers by heard any beam, and just heard fat goodness of tone and
b.) … to avoid dB spikes when the Sound Police walked by with their dB meters (and fine tickets).

Actually asked one of them to walk by and measure the dB level at the booth while I was playing. 85.6dB all the way, no spikes, no problem!
Works like a charm!!

The owners of Leqtique, Moen FX and One Control where very happy with the result, and many players stopped to hear and play the first class gear through the deeflexed amp. Richard could welcome enthusiasts from old to young, even Tom Quayle and Jack Gardiner could not stop playing … :)


Meeting with Peter Paul Skrepek

PETER PAUL SKREPEK has really appreciated the deeflexxed stage sound, up to 5 Deflection Systems are set up on stage …

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Meeting with Aynsley Lister

AYNSLEY LISTER has invited me to meet and test the Deeflexx Systems for the first time – and it was a big surprise for him …

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Maik Keller & Deeflexx

Maik Keller, bass player of the German Deep Purple Tribute Band “Demon’s Eye” already played together with Jon Lord and Ian Paice (Deep Purple). Maik plays a vintage Ampeg SVT stack with 8×10 cabinet. Throughout the last couple of years he tried various positions and setups on stages with varying dimensions.
His sound is slightly [...]

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Interview HooVi Gitarre & Bass Magazine

The Magazine Gitarre & Bass invited HooVi for an interview to get to know more about the story behind the Deeflexx …

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