Schorndorfer Gitarrentage with Marcus Deml

The “Schorndorfer Gitarrentage” (Schorndorf Guitar Days) have been held since 1990. The list of instructors in 2012 left nothing to be desired, with top players again showing their tricks:
Dave Martone (Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Greg Howe, Paul Gilbert, Steve Morse, Jennifer Batten),
Wolfgang Schmid (Bassist of the legendary band “Passport” – Klaus Doldinger) or …
Marcus Deml, Mastermind of Errorhead.
“Guitar Hero Award“ of the Guitar Player Magazine USA.

The Deeflexx Sound Deflection System celebrated its premiere here, with Marcus treating his students to the sound of his signature Tube Thomsen amps which had their sound spread evenly throughout the entire room, without anyone suffering the misfortune of sitting in a shrill beam area.

As usual Marcus played his concert with his band ERRORHEAD using his live setup, with the Deeflexx as an essential part – playing without it just isn’t an option now.

Many thanks to Andrea Tontsch and Joe Saling for the pictures!

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