“Test with Philipp, Randall und Adam”

I have further developed the original Deeflex with a small team, and am always inviting musicians and sound technicians I know to try it out.  As a final prototype was being built, it was time to let professionals who didn’t know me and who weren’t biased to test the device.  It should be the start of a friendship, everyone has taken the Deeflexx to heart…

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Maik Keller & Deeflexx

Maik Keller, bass player of the German Deep Purple Tribute Band “Demon’s Eye” already played together with Jon Lord and Ian Paice (Deep Purple). Maik plays a vintage Ampeg SVT stack with 8×10 cabinet. Throughout the last couple of years he tried various positions and setups on stages with varying dimensions.
His sound is slightly [...]

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Deeflexx monitoring for 5 electric guitars

9 Deeflexx Systems were used to provide a perfect monitoring for 6 guitarists on stage …

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Carl Verheyen – Deeflexx endorsement – Gitarre & Bass magazine

The today’s largest deeflexxed guitar rig is CARL VERHEYEN’s stage backline on the Mustang Run Tour …

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Microphone placement with Deeflexx at a concert

A constantly increasing number of guitarists and sound engineers use the Deeflexx for superb guitar sounds …

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