Test with Philipp, Randall und Adam

24th Oct 2009, Randall Breneman

My friend Philipp had invited two of his English friends on a trip to my home town; Randall Breneman, guitarist and singer, and Adam Skinner, music producer and drummer.  I told him about the Deeflexx and asked whether I should surprise the two guys by letting them hear something they had never heard before.

Without prior warning, I called them both and Randall asked what was up.  I said that he should pick up his guitar, because today I was going to change his life!

I showed him first the well-known issue of how a guitar box radiates sound in a beam with a horrible pitch, while to each side everything couldn’t be more normal.  He went “OK, I have been fighting this problem for years – so what’s new?”  While they both waited in the next room, I installed the Deeflexx in front of the loudspeaker, and put a black cloth over it.

Randall played some more, then went to the loudspeaker, shaking his head, then broke into a wide grin and his first words were: “I …, I…, I just can’t believe it – that’s absolutely incredible!”

For him, it was so unbelievable that wherever he went in the room, the sound stayed the same!  He just couldn’t understand why he didn’t hear a difference, even behind the loudspeaker.  When I removed the cloth, it generated a “Wow!” from him, his eyes shining as if it was under a Christmas tree.

When we parted company about 1.5hrs later, he said then, “You have just changed my life!”

This emotional experience prompted me to record the first impressions and quotes of my “guinea-pigs”, which I have collected in the Credits.  It should be accompanied by the faces of surprise that I will never forget.

24th Oct 2009, Adam Skinner

I had let Adam know that I wanted to show Randall something new in the field of guitar loudspeakers and amps, but I hadn’t given him any details.  At the test, as a drummer he already knew about the issue of the sound radiation only too well, the Beam was a term for him.  He also moved around the room while Randall played, and was equally amazed by the sound.  He told me that as a drummer, at gigs without a monitor he mostly only heard a dull guitar sound, because the amp was often placed to the side or in front of the drums.  “Now I can hear him far better, that is good for the band’s groove!”

Through the almost spherical field of sound, the situation was much better, as the lights in his eyes showed only too clearly.

Adam has spurred me to tackle another optimisation of the Deeflexx, in order to further improve the emission of sound for fellow band members.

29th Dec 2009, Philipp Moll

Philipp couldn’t be at the test, because he had an important private appointment.  I had asked Randall and Adam not to give anything away.  Philipp is a bass guitarist and producer, who has lived for many years in England, earning his living as a musician, and he came home in December for a holiday.

I showed him the beam-effect too, which he knew only too well from his own experience with shrill guitar sounds.  When he heard the covered box with a Deeflexx in, he couldn’t believe it at first.  It seemed as if he was looking around the room for another loudspeaker that was producing the sound.  His first response was “Revolutionary!”

He told me how important it is for a band to have well-matched sound levels and sounds, because the audience notices immediately that the groove is simply better.  He also confirmed that the guitarists are always too loud ( J I know that too!), but the sound now is fantastic.  The proof of the pudding is that about six months later he was playing with one of the top American guitarists – a memorable gig for both!

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