Third Eye Open recording in the studio

At live concerts, guitarist Phil de la Puerta and bass player Dominikus Pult have been relying on their Deeflexx Systems for a long time. In June last year, the band went into the studio to record their new EP.

For the first time, Deeflexx has been used intensively while recording guitars to bring the sounds the band members were imagining into reality.

Phil de la Puerta: “After HooVi had given me some advice on how to perfectly use the Deeflexx in a recording situation, we checked out different microphone positions in the studio. It didn’t take us long to get the sound we were looking for and we were instantly blown away !

The Deeflexx opens up totally new possibilities in a recording situation, you can record guitar sounds you coundn’t get without the Deeflexx – absolutely amazing ! In „Can’t Stop Crying“ we really wanted to bring out the three-dimensional character of the guitar sound, only the use of the Deeflexx did make this possible !”

In the spring a video was produced to feature the 3 new songs. You can see the Deeflexx in front of the 8×10 bass stack …


Phil de la Puerta – guitars & voc

Dominikus Pult – bass & voc & keys

Tommy Telkemeier – drums & voc

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