Todor Todorovic Blues Company Silent Concerts

Todor „Tosho“ Todorovic is one of the many guitarists who had seen other artists using Deeflexx, but had percieved the system as a foreign body before the amp. Curiosity and hints from friends finally got the better of him and since rehearsals and gigs with his band BLUES COMPANY, Deeflex has become a permanent part of his backline.

Toscho contacted me with a specific problem. His band was recording a live DVD „Silent Concert“. The question was how to do guitar monitoring and if Deeflexx was suitable.  In the end things worked out better that Toscho and his technicians expected.

Toschos report:
“When Ruben Claro and Felix Krüppel explained their Silent Concert concept to me I was enthusiastic.  In contrast to PA system concerts, the audience hears the band through stereo headphones. I had to keep my amp volume low and was concerned if I would hear myself properly.

After tips from HooVi we tested  this setup: Stool, both amps close behind with Deeflexx. I sat in the „Enhanced Zone“ but had no unwanted guitar signal on my vocal microphone.”


“I had a mix without guitar on one ear and on the other, without headphone, I had a perfect natural guitar monitor. I was in the position to set the guitar sound I wanted for every song. The setting and guitar changes were no problem. Without Deeflexx this would not have been possible.”


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