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About HooVi

I am a guitar player with a keen interest in sound design.

I purchased my first amplifier while I was still young and my first impressions were that something must be wrong with it. I received this shrill BEAM noise from the loudspeaker, which drove me crazy and I nearly despaired.

I tried out numerous attempts: I covered the loudspeaker with gaffa tape, built in my own designed beam killer, beam attenuator, beam blocker and even a beam breaker – I even modified the cab! As a consequence, the sound changed and the original character of the loudspeakers was lost – I remained unhappy.

Together with a small team of enthusiasts and experts we developed an absolutely new device for suppressing the BEAM-Effect and optimizing the sound of guitaramps and cabs.

DEEFLEXX - made with blood, sweat and tears of joy.

Marcus Deml

Carl Verheyen

James Burton

Aynsley Lister

Kosho Michael Koschorreck

Robby Musenbichler

Video "THE STORY OF DEEFLEXX" - 30 years in 4 minutes ...