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Georg Juen | Designer – product design |

=> THANK YOU for the perfect realization of my vision in a unique design


Dieter Sailer | Sound engineer – optimizing audio features  |

=> THANK YOU for listening extremely finely and for the extra effort during the hear tests


Fa. GEOtec | Product development, prototyping  |

=> THANK YOU for the splendid inspiration with the development and construction of the prototypes


Ulrich Steinlechner | video  |

=> THANK YOU for the excellent realization and effective production


Gerhard Hochleitner | Logo, 3D graphics, Animation, Website | 

=> THANK YOU for the scintillating 3D graphics and animations


Ian Barnes | | Translations, text design  |

=> THANK YOU for the first-class advice and translations


Margarete Mouqqadim | text design – search engine optimization |

=> THANK YOU for the striking formulations and apt texts


Marco Wegleiter | Social media consulting |

=> THANK YOU for the optimal advice and convincing implementation of the Social Media pages