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MERIDIAN guiding lines - Deeflexx H!1 EDITION V2.0

In the 10-year history of the Deeflexx the Systems were often used for recording guitar- and bass speakers.

Similar to markings with sticky tape or marker on the front covering of the baffle sound engineers marked good sounding positions for mics on the Deeflexx.

Deeflexx mit Markierungen für Mikroposition

Such markings went into the designing process of guiding lines of the Deeflexx H!1 EDITION V2.0. These MERIDIANS help to orientate on the System and to set up microphones again on the same place.
The guiding lines replace own markings of sweet spots and make it easier to set up and reproduce mic placements.
With one, two photographs it is very easy to recreate a miking.


Landscape of a Deeflexx

Using conventional miking the sound changes from dull – shrill – dull if you move a mic from the rim to the calotte and to the other rim.

This distance is 6 inches with a 12” speaker.

Mikrofon vor Gitarrenlautsprecher - Mitte #deeflexxrecording
Mikrofon vor Gitarrenlautsprecher - Rand #deeflexxrecording


Doing “Contact Miking” the sound changes from “Warm” to “Bright” continuously over a distance of 16 inches along a vertical Meridian.

Deeflexx Recording Landkarte der Sounds #deeflexxrecording


If a mic is placed at the lower part of a System it will result in a warmer sound. Moving the mic upward along a vertical Meridian it will sound more present.
The part of mids and highs is increasing the higher the mic is placed.

Deeflexx Contact Miking - Mitte - warmer Sound #deeflexxrecording
Deeflexx Ambient Miking - Mitte - warmer Sound #deeflexxrecording
Deeflexx Contact Miking - Oben - heller Sound #deeflexxrecording


The sound is altered constantly from fat, warm lead tones to transparent, bright rhythm sounds the more to the top and to the mid of a System a mic is set. This way there are countless possibilities of sound designs. The variations enlarge many times if you use 2 mics or mixing classic microphoning and Deeflexx recording.



The microphone is placed directly on the surface or with a distance up to 0.5 inches. There is hardly any technique of microphoning and this acoustic effect. Fundamentally the signal becomes brighter, these cutting through mids and highs are pushed forward. Most likely it could be compared with the effect of boundary microphones as acoustic information of speaker and (boundary)surface hit the mic.


Contact Miking - klarer Sound #deeflexxrecording
Contact Miking - warmer Sound #deeflexxrecording
Contact Miking - sehr heller Sound #deeflexxrecording



A micro is set up to the side or above a Deeflexx in a distance of 0,8 inch (a thumb's space) up to 20 inches. This way sound information of the speaker and cab are recorded.
With a System the usable area is a multiple larger, even setups nearly behind the cab, are possible. This technique is used for live mixing too. (See pics of “Live Recording” below).

Deeflexx Ambient Miking - Mitte - warmer Sound #deeflexxrecording
Deeflexx Off-Axis - organischer Sound #deeflexxrecording
Deeflexx Ambient Miking - organische Sounds #deeflexxrecording



If a microphone is placed in a distance of 40 – 200 inches or more the acoustic information of the cab or amp and the room is captured. The usable sweet spot is significantly increased with a Deeflexx System, because mid and high frequencies are spread evenly in the room.

Off-Axis und Ambient Deeflexx Recording #deeflexxrecording
Off-Axis und Ambient Miking / 2010 Tests #deeflexxrecording
Ambient Miking Deeflexx Recording #deeflexxrecording
Ambient Miking / Studio in Australia / 2011 #deeflexxrecording
Deeflexx Recording Stereo Sound Miking
Stereo Sound / SM57 Mitte / C214 Seiten / 2014 #deeflexxrecording


All in all, with DEEFLEXX RECORDING there are nearly endless possibilities for sound design. The results are a multiple if a second or different type of mic is used.
In practice a microphone is just moved to another position, to make a change in the characteristic of the sound. You can change fast to a distinctive sound for a 2nd / 3rd track, change from an American to a British style sound without setup a different amp, speaker and microphones.
It is possible to create unique, striking sounds that can be the signature sound of a band with a high recognition value …

Deeflexx Miking - Off-Axis Effekt Sound #deeflexxrecording
Deeflexx Overhead Miking - Amp-In-The-Room-Sound #deeflexxrecording
Deeflexx Miking - Off-Axis organischer Sound #deeflexxrecording




Classic microphoning on the membrane ...



… no interference of the sound …


All options of miking with a Deeflexx System

  • CLASSIC MIKING – in front of the speaker
  • CONTACT MIKING – on the surface of a Deeflexx
  • AMBIENT MIKING – tight above or aside of a Deeflexx
  • ROOM MIKING – in a room - distance > 20 inches



Spinner Ace Studio  

Markus Wienstroer - Guitarist

The Record Company - Boston

Jannek ZechnerGuitarist


Private studio  

Faith Illusion


privates studio  

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Live recording

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HI FIVE Studio

Third Eye Open Phil de la Puerta - Guitarist


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Organic sounds by using overhead mics above a Deeflexx


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