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Goran Mikulec & Deeflexx

GORAN MIKULEC  (‘GOGO’) was one of the first guitar players who used the Deeflexx system, having found it through internet research. 

He had previously tried beam blockers, sound shields and in-ear systems, but was missing the true tube amp experience.


Goran is the musical director of Dennis Jale. Together with the TCB Band (Band of former musicians of Elvis Presley), he has been on tour with the singer since 2003. 

I followed an invitation to meet Gogo and James Burton, who considered to put 2 systems in front of his amp as well at a show.


“As a sideman for a lot of artists there is always the question of how to position the amp, so that I retain control of the tone (it’s not about volume, it’s about  tone presence), do not disturb the frontmen with a shrill beam, and can hear my guitar on all positions on stage.


What was unsatisfactory about previously used solutions:


  • Monitor: does not produce the true sound of the amp;
  • In-ear: even when used with ambience microphones, does not provide satisfying results;
  • Acrylic glass and beam blocker: dampen and deform the sound, so that you have to go back to the monitor….


So you learn to deal with what you have, but you are never really satisfied!

Anyway, I kept searching for better solutions, and finally discovered Deeflexx on the web.



When I first started using the tool, we were all really excited – myself, other performers and technicians around me.It didn’t matter whether I was playing in a small club or at big open air festivals, the Deeflexx tool distributed the sound to every position on stage.

And I kept asking myself (kind of when you find the woman of your life): “Where have you been all that time???“



What is particularly pleasing for the artists and sound engineers I am working with are the warmth and the clarity of my guitar sound.

I thank HooVi for his fantastic work on Deeflexx and congratulate him to his invention“!


I could witness the sound check on stage. Even the FOH sound engineer nd the stage hands told me that the Deeflexx Systems made their life much easier and that the band really is feeling good.


Goran and James obviously enjoyed it to play and walk around on the whole stage. And at the end of the show they had a guitar battle right in the middle of the big stage … 



Goran Mikulec: Composer of TV- and movie soundtracks, arranger, guitarist

Cooperations as studio- und live musician:


Chaka Khan, Marianne Faithfull, Jose Feliciano, Bobby Kimball (Toto), Hubert Tubbs (Tower of power), Jason Scheff (Chicago)

Vereinigte Bühnen Wien, ORF Symphonie Orchester, Prager Symphoniker, Wiener Philharmoniker, Wiener Symphoniker

Alexander Goebel, Wolfgang Ambros, Andi Baum, Wilfried, Marianne Mendt, Steffi Werger, Michael Seida, Andy Lee Lang



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