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The DEEFLEXX is the world’s first SOUND DEFLECTION SYSTEM for:

  • GUITAR amps
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It diffuses the beam of shrill sounds into tiny parts, producing an even sound distribution through the gentle DEflection and reFLEXion of the sound.  The musical imprint is as good as the sound distribution of a high-quality HiFi loudspeaker.

With a punchy, present sound throughout the whole room and without shrill or dull sounding areas.


The Deeflexx does stop the beam effect, but this is only a part of its many functions and uses.

However, this is not a kind of product like a beam blocker device or a sound shield or anything similar.

  • it does not work by phase cancellation or isolating the high-frequency sounds
    >>> producing an indirect, sterile sound
  • it does not change the sound through physical interference
    >>> affects the bass / lower mids
  • it does not influence the miking by a comb filter effect
    >>> good sounding miking  positions are lost


  • No BEAM effect, even at high volumes – its function doesn’t depend on the volume level
  • shrill sounds are effectively distributed, without the indirect sound caused by blocking or isolating these sound waves
  • warm and clear, more transparent sounds are produced – every amp is upgraded
  • ‘enhanced zones’ of high-quality sound are generated close to the amp
  • exactly the same sound is heard by players and the audience
  • the set-up is extremely simple – there is no technical installation


The Deeflexx Systems are not mass-produced, but rather are manufactured in limited series by a small business in Germany.

The high-quality material is extremely elastic and robust at the same time, and is also used for window panes in aeroplanes and armoured vehicles.

Deeflexx was designed for long-term use and engineered without any wearing parts.



Deeflexx H!1 EDITION V2.0

EDITION DESIGN: Meridian guiding lines for microphone placement

Deeflexx H!1 EDITION V2.0 front
Deeflexx H!1 EDITION V2.0 back
Deeflexx H!1 EDITION V2.0 up

FIELD OF APPLICATION LIVE – at home/rehearsal room/stage

  • Balanced sound around the System
  • Shrill sound is eliminated by splitting up the beam
  • Fat and clear sound even on axis
  • no change of the sound with increasing distance to the cab
  • no dull or shrill sounding areas
  • harsh sounding frequencies are reduced – it’s sounding pleasant even at high volume
  • ADDITIONAL DIFFUSER: Adjust the “enhanced zones” by clicking on the diffuser
  • - without diffuser: Radiation of higher frequencies mainly directed vertically upwards
  • - with diffuser: Radiation of higher frequencies at a flat angle; silky, transparent sound vertically upwards
  • “Warm” or “neutral” sound character by changing the distance to the cab – scale in footplate
  • Better visibility by slanted edges on the sides and milled lines on top
Deeflexx H!1 EDITION V2.0 Box
Deeflexx H!1 EDITION V2.0 Contact Miking 01
Deeflexx H!1 EDITION V2.0 Contact Miking 02

FIELD OF APPLICATION RECORDING – at home/rehearsal room/studio

  • „Contact Miking“ up to „Ambient Miking”
  • Meridians – guiding lines for microphone placements
  • Good sounding sweetspots near or on the surface of the red diffuser
  • Significant change in the sound design possible without changing a speaker or setup different mics
  • Organic amp-in-the-room sounds possible
  • Using 2 mics parallel is no problem
  • Overhead miking for creating very natural guitar sounds

FEEDBACK out of 10 years:

  • “We have an even sound distribution in our rehearsal room. We don’t need a monitoring for our guitars even playing gigs”
  • “My amp sounds significantly more pleasant and fatter – like a sound tuning”
  • “My cab sounds bigger than it actually is – even on bigger stages”
  • “The tweaking at the sound check is history – it sounds the same at every gig”
  • “Our sound check of both guitars is minimized to setting the volume – done”
  • “When I forgot my Deeflexx at a gig, everything of the good sound was lost”
  • “Deeflexx improved my sound more than any boutique pedal I own – I own a lot”
  • “I have sold many pedals, amps and cabs – the Deeflexx is still here”
  • “I don’t want to play without a Deeflexx – never …”

The top model EDITION was established in the past 10 years as THE tool to adjust the sound of amps and cabs to the acoustic circumstances at home, in a rehearsal room, stage or in the studio. By simply clicking on the red diffuser the intensity and angle of the mids and highs are varied. Together with changing the distance to the cab, positioning asymmetrically in front of the speaker, rotating the cab including the Deeflexx, every acoustic situation is covered perfectly. The EDITION is still the top seller of the Systems.

The Deeflexx EDITION V2.0 implements feedbacks out of studios and comes with MERIDIANS. These guiding lines replace own marks of sweet spots and make it easier to place and reproduce mic setups. With one or two pictures it is easy to find the positions again.

Using conventional miking the sound changes from dull – shrill – dull if you move a mic from the rim to the calotte and other rim of a speaker. A 12” speaker provides a range of 6 inches.
“Contact Miking” varies from a “warm” to “bright” sound continuously over a range of 16 inches.

If a microphone set in the lower part of the System a warm sound is produced. Moving the mic upwards along a vertical Meridian the sound gets brighter. The proportion of mids and highs increases with every step towards the top. All in all there are considerably more possibilities creating different sound designs by “Contact Miking”, positioning near or on the surface of the System as well as ambient miking.

Deeflexx recording landscape #deeflexxrecording


Deeflexx H!1 AURA V2.0

PRO Sound-Deflection System for improving the sound at home, in rehearsal rooms and stage
AURA DESIGN: Transparent, barely visible surface allows the amps to be seen

Deeflexx H!1 AURA V2.0 front
Deeflexx H!1 AURA V2.0 back
Deeflexx H!1 AURA V2.0 up

  • Model for AMBITIOUS PLAYERS who demand the best sound at home, rehearsal room and stage
  • Evenly spread of the sound in the room - very natural and 3-dimensional
  • Detailed deception of the sound in the close-up area of the cab
  • "Warm" or "Neutral" sound character by varying the distance to the cab; scale on base plate
  • No beam effect on low and even at high volumes
  • Same sound for both musicians and audience
  • Easy plug&play - simplest setup, just slide under the amp or cab
  • Optimized milling of reflective lines for better visibility on dark stages

DEEFLEXX models - previous versions

Some last models still available in shops ...

Deeflexx H!1 EDITION

Top model with red additional diffuser

Deeflexx H!1 EDITION

Plug&play model

Deeflexx H!1 CORA

Compact model



Characteristic sound deflection

Schallabstrahlung 1





Schallabstrahlung 2




 Surround Effekt using 1 amp  *** *****  ***** 
 Stereo / Wall-Of-Sound effect using 2 amps  *** *****  ***** 
 Warming effect *****  ***** 
 Fat sound on axis > 4 meters ****  ***** 
 Spherical sound radiation in the room ***  ****  ***** 
 Cudgel-shaped radiation near the floor ***** 
 Intensity of Enhanced Zone sidewards **  *****  ***** 
 Intensity of Enhanced Zone upwards *****  *****  ***** 
 Variation Enhanced Zones – additional diffuser ***** 
 Dampening the beam ***** 
 Eliminating the beam ***  *****  ***** 
 Small stages – audibility in the close range *****  *****  ***** 
 Disturbing source „Beam“ for live sound engineer ***  *****  ***** 
 Sound for the audience in a club situation ***  ****  ***** 
 Sound exposure for fellow musicians **  ***  ***** 
 Difference of the sound by directivity of the cab ***  ****  ***** 
 Contact micing on the surface of the Deeflexx ***  ***** 
 Speaker micing – sound variations ****  ***** 
 Off–axis sounds ***  ***** 
 Variation in sound design ***  ***** 
Transport friendliness – size *****  ****  **** 
Very small stages *****  ****  **** 
Optical effects by external light **  ***  ***** 

Deeflexx is protected internationally as EC design model and patent.

The words HooVi and Deeflexx are registered as EC trademarks.

EC design model: 001864398 / PCT patent application: WO2011076298A1

EC trademark: 008979759 / EC trademark: 008978884

Note: Commercial manufacture, distribution, sale and use of a so-called copy is not allowed.

(See FAQ)





Type description  H!1 CORA  H!1 AURA  H!1 EDITION
Dimensions mm  570 x 260 x 100  650 x 280 x 120  650 x 280 x 120
Height mm (standing) 410 450 450
Weight kg 0,55 1,1 1,3
Temperature °C -20 to +40 -20 to +40 -20 to +40