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Marcus Kohaupt Veranstaltungstechnik

Deeflexx auf der Musikmesse Frankfurt
Picture: Meeting at the Musikmesse Frankfurt 2014



Hi man …

… are you HooVi, the inventor of the Deeflexx?  I must talk to you!”


With these words, a long conversation began with Marcus Kohaupt, after a fantastic concert by Thomas Blug.  Marcus is an event technician and sound engineer, who has accompanied Thomas on tour for many years and who knows his sound like no-one else.






Marcus: I have been working with Thomas for a long time, but I have never heard such a sound from him on stage – the Deeflexx has turned everything upside down!


+++ HooVi: As a sound engineer, what has changed for you?


Marcus: It is a fact that during concerts, the sound and volume of the backline determines what a good FOH sound is.  Guitar amps are particularly difficult, because sometimes the Beam can even be heard at the mixing place.  As sound engineer, you can’t do anything about it.  Often the amps are turned up even louder during a concert, because the guitarists can’t hear themselves.  The audience gets out of the beam zone and you can only turn the guitars on the PA down to zero.


+++ HooVi: What’s the benefit to you?


Marcus: The guitarist can hear himself much better because of the Deeflexx – on stage the sound is clear and expressive.  Thomas’ amp is now somewhat quieter, minimising the crosstalk into the other microphones.


+++ HooVi: Why is Thomas’ sound so full from the PA?



Marcus: It’s essentially due to the optimal tuning between the amp and the 1×12 cab. The loudspeaker is operated near its limit, due to the amp and EQ settings, and it has to move a lot of air in order for the microphone to transmit the signal to the PA.


If a 4×12 is used in a similar way, the volume would be much higher and would destroy the good sound on the stage.  And with 4 loudspeakers, the beam effect is inevitably even more extreme. 

+++ HooVi: In your opinion, is there an another way to get a similar effect, other than with a 1×12 or 2×12 with the Deeflexx?


Marcus: Over the years, I have built and developed about 500 loudspeakers, but I know of no cab system that produces such a “big” sound.  The amps’ sound is spread evenly over the stage with the Deeflexx, creating a “balanced band” whose musicians play more dynamically and “with each other”.



+++ HooVi: How have you changed your way of working since Thomas has been using the Deeflexx?


Marcus: The sound-check is considerably easier; the beam from the e-guitar can’t be perceived either by the audience or from the mixing place; and the guitar sounds good everywhere without the PA.  Even the audience in the first 5-10 rows hears a good sound – the majority of the sound comes from the backline, supported a little from the PA.


We have been using the Sound Deflection System for several months now, and actually no event technician or PA hire company should work without a Deeflexx – the sound is in a different class for the musician and audience.