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Marcus Deml & Deeflexx

Source: Homepage Errorhead

Marcus Deml, passionate Deeflexx Player, is the guitarist of and mastermind behind Errorhead.  His virtuoso guitar playing was acclaimed in 2005 with the ‘Guitar Hero Award’ by the ‘Guitar Player’ magazine.  The prize was awarded by none less than Steve Lukather and Joe Satriani.



Marcus describes in his report the new, sometimes 'extraordinary' experience at rehearsals, clinics and on tour.  After his long stage experience and his wealth of experience with renowned producers of guitar equipment, the findings were astonishing.


'Peter Weihe was the first to draw my attention, during one of our many telephone conversations to a new invention that would significantly ease our perpetual struggle to achieve a better transformation of guitar sounds.  I have to admit, I found it interesting but had forgotten all about it after a couple of days.  In hindsight, I could have saved myself some frustration and annoyance.


As our tour ‘Organic Pill’ took shape, I recalled our conversation and for the first time I used the Deeflexx in a rehearsal – and suddenly everything was different, I stepped acoustically speaking into a new world.



The effect was almost as inspiring as having a new instrument or amplifier, and the ‘launching pad’ distributed the sound so evenly and unobtrusively that it even significantly improved the musical interaction with Frank Itt and Athanasion ‘Zacky’ Tsoukas.


Through the ‘deeflexxed’ amps everyone heard the guitar in ‘studio quality’, everyone could respond to my dynamic and sound variations, such as nothing I have ever experienced before.'


'This phenomenon was extended in two important ways at our live concerts:


1. the independence from the room acoustics is significantly better, the sound is spread evenly, it is always present and rich, which hadn’t been achievable before even with the largest setup.

2. at club gigs the first row of the audience isn’t massacred by the ‘Death-Beam’, which suggests some social consideration that is untypical of guitarists. :)'


'My live sound has never been so impressive and constant – I don’t want to perform without my Deeflexx any more!'  - MARCUS DEML