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What is Deeflexx?

The Deeflexx is a high-end sound-deflection system for guitar and bass amps or cabinets. 

The diffuser deflects the beam of a speaker and converts it into a homogenous sound area.


  • Absolutely NO BEAM
  • Homogeneous sound-environment for both musicians and audience
  • Sound radius 0,5 – 7 meters, 180 °
  • Enhanced area for musicians
  • Warms up the amp sound
  • Fast and easy setup – no installation


„ Deeflexx improves the sound better than any other guitar or amp tuning I know. It’s like a two or three class upgrade of every part in the signal chain – you just have to play it once …“


H. Weber





How does Deeflexx work?



The sound is radiated by the loudspeaker and makes impact with the Deeflexx. Deep bass and mid frequencies pass unhindered through the Deeflexx due to their wave lengths, the higher frequencies are being dealt with specifically. 


The beam is divided in the smallest of portions and the missing parts are then diverted specifically in the mentioned directions, so that an almost spherical and homogeneous sound field is created. 

Dull sounding zones are brightened up, the shrill zones are dampened and the BEAM does not occur anymore.


The guitarist experiences the intimate contact with his amplifier everywhere, it sounds equally full whether near or far away.





Why use Deeflexx?


In the Sixties the invention of the electric guitar shuffled pop music revolutionarily upside down. 

For more than 5 decades guitar speakers have been built in the same traditional way and we are still in love with their sound. 

But there has been one problem that to the very day no one could solve sustainably: Guitar speakers beam. Acute, annoying, painful to the musician’s ear!


In the immediate nearness to the loudspeaker the sound is dull, whereas when farer away from the loudspeaker it sounds very shrill and thin. In clubs and on smaller stages your audience can scarcely hear your true sound.







What is beaming?

Loudspeakers don’t distribute sound evenly in all directions. Deep bass frequencies expand in a ball shape, while high frequencies are focussed together (into a „BEAM”) and are heard as a less pleasant, shrill sound. The most commonly used guitar and bass speakers are 10’’, 12’’ and 15’’ loudspeakers, and the larger the speaker the worse the disturbing effects are.


Pattern of sound emission from an amp:  red = shrill sound = beam orange = top quality sound grey = dull sound

Schallabstrahlung ohne Deeflexx

Pattern of sound emission with DEEFLEXX : <= Top quality, even sound throughout the entire room. =>

Schallabstrahlung mit Deeflexx







The DEEFLEXX is the world’s first SOUND DEFLECTION SYSTEM for:


  • GUITAR amps
  • MONITOR WEDGES  —– Examples > FAQ & > Galerie




It diffuses the beam of shrill sounds into tiny parts, producing an even sound distribution through the gentle DEflection and reFLEXion of the sound.  The musical imprint is as good as the sound distribution of a high-quality HiFi loudspeaker.

With a punchy, present sound throughout the whole room and without shrill or dull sounding areas.


The Deeflexx does stop the beam effect, but this is only a part of its many functions and uses.

However, this is not a kind of product like a beam blocker device or a sound shield or anything similar.


  • it does not work by phase cancellation or isolating the high-frequency sounds >>> producing an indirect, sterile sound
  • it does not change the sound through physical interference, >>> affects the bass / lower mids
  • it does not influence the miking by a comb filter effect >>> good sounding miking  positions are lost


  • No BEAM effect, even at high volumes – its function doesn’t depend on the volume level
  • shrill sounds are effectively distributed, without the indirect sound caused by blocking or isolating these sound waves
  • warm and clear, more transparent sounds are produced – every amp is upgraded
  • ‘enhanced zones’ of high-quality sound are generated close to the amp
  • exactly the same sound is heard by players and the audience
  • the set-up is extremely simple – there is no technical installation



The Deeflexx Systems are not mass-produced, but rather are manufactured in limited series by a small business in Germany. The high-quality material is extremely elastic and robust at the same time, and is also used for window panes in aeroplanes and armoured vehicles. Deeflexx was designed for long-term use and engineered without any wearing parts and each System carries a serial number on the type label.


Deeflexx H!1 EDITION

  • The superior model for THE TOP PLAYERS and ENDORSERS with an additional diffuser
  • The  “enhanced zones” can be adjusted to suit every playing venue, from practice rooms to stages
  • EDITION Design: a reflective surface for great colour reproduction under stage lights
  • Weight: approx. 1.2kg
Deeflexx H!1 Gesamtansicht
Deeflexx H!1 Ansicht von oben
Deeflexx H!1 Lichteffekt


Deeflexx H!1 AURA

  • The basic model for AMBITIOUS PLAYERS who demand the best sound
  • AURA design: a transparent, barely visible surface allows the amps to be seen, but the Deeflexx can still be felt and heard
  • Weight: approx. 1.1kg


The name CORA is derived from the word “core”. It represents an interim step in the history of the development of the Deeflexx Systems.

In the beginning of the innovation process we were looking for a possibility to reduce the beam down to a bearable level without the known interferences produced by disc- or calotte-shaped constructions and furthermore to improve the audibility of a guitar amp – the final product was the CORA.

This core function was extended by multiple sought after functions to build up the Deeflexx Systems step by step …


Deeflexx H!1 CORA

The Deeflexx H!1 CORA Beam Blocker System is specifically damping the shrill highs without changing the character of the amp. In addition, the sound dispersion is significantly improved.


  • Audibility is improved significantly in the surrounding range up to 3 meters
  • No changes of the basic sound by sonic interference
  • Biting highs are deflected effectively
  • Extended, narrow cone-shaped output of the softened beam
  • Cabinet keeps its frontal directivity
  • Detailed deception of the sound in the close-up area of the cab
  • Transparent product design
  • For standard amps and cabs up to 12” speakers (no oversized cabs)
  • Weight: approx. 0,55 kg, small dimensions, handy and easily portable


Cora von vorne
Cora von hinten
Cora Detailansicht
Cora von oben


Characteristic sound deflection

Schallabstrahlung 1


Beam Blocker System


Schallabstrahlung 2


Sound Deflection System

 Surround Effekt using 1 amp  *** *****  ***** 
 Stereo / Wall-Of-Sound effect using 2 amps  *** *****  ***** 
 Warming effect *****  ***** 
 Fat sound on axis > 4 meters ****  ***** 
 Spherical sound radiation in the room ***  ****  ***** 
 Cudgel-shaped radiation near the floor ***** 
 Intensity of Enhanced Zone sidewards **  *****  ***** 
 Intensity of Enhanced Zone upwards *****  *****  ***** 
 Variation Enhanced Zones – additional diffuser ***** 
 Dampening the beam ***** 
 Eliminating the beam ***  *****  ***** 
 Small stages – audibility in the close range *****  *****  ***** 
 Disturbing source „Beam“ for live sound engineer ***  *****  ***** 
 Sound for the audience in a club situation ***  ****  ***** 
 Sound exposure for fellow musicians **  ***  ***** 
 Difference of the sound by directivity of the cab ***  ****  ***** 
 Contact micing on the surface of the Deeflexx ***  ***** 
 Speaker micing – sound variations ****  ***** 
 Off–axis sounds ***  ***** 
 Variation in sound design ***  ***** 
Transport friendliness – size *****  ****  **** 
Very small stages *****  ****  **** 
Optical effects by external light **  ***  ***** 

Deeflexx is protected as EC design model, and patent applications are pending, inter alia a European Patent Application.

The words HooVi and Deeflexx are registered as EC trademarks.

EC design model: 001864398 / PCT patent application: WO2011076298A1

EC trademark: 008979759 / EC trademark: 008978884

Note: Commercial manufacture, distribution, sale and use of a so-called copy is not allowed.

(Siehe FAQ)




Technical data


Type description  H!1 CORA  H!1 AURA  H!1 EDITION
Dimensions mm  570 x 260 x 100  650 x 280 x 120  650 x 280 x 120
Height mm (standing) 410 450 450
Weight kg 0,55 1,1 1,3
Temperature °C -20 to +40 -20 to +40 -20 to +40