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What is Deeflexx?

The Deeflexx is a high-end sound-deflection system for guitar and bass amps or cabinets. 

The diffuser deflects the beam of a speaker and converts it into a homogenous sound area.


  • Absolutely NO BEAM
  • Homogeneous sound-environment for both musicians and audience
  • Sound radius 0,5 – 7 meters, 180 °
  • Enhanced area for musicians
  • Warms up the amp sound
  • Fast and easy setup – no installation


„ Deeflexx improves the sound better than any other guitar or amp tuning I know. It’s like a two or three class upgrade of every part in the signal chain – you just have to play it once …“


H. Weber





How does Deeflexx work?



The sound is radiated by the loudspeaker and makes impact with the Deeflexx. Deep bass and mid frequencies pass unhindered through the Deeflexx due to their wave lengths, the higher frequencies are being dealt with specifically. 


The beam is divided in the smallest of portions and the missing parts are then diverted specifically in the mentioned directions, so that an almost spherical and homogeneous sound field is created. 

Dull sounding zones are brightened up, the shrill zones are dampened and the BEAM does not occur anymore.


The guitarist experiences the intimate contact with his amplifier everywhere, it sounds equally full whether near or far away.





Why use Deeflexx?


In the Sixties the invention of the electric guitar shuffled pop music revolutionarily upside down. 

For more than 5 decades guitar speakers have been built in the same traditional way and we are still in love with their sound. 

But there has been one problem that to the very day no one could solve sustainably: Guitar speakers beam. Acute, annoying, painful to the musician’s ear!


In the immediate nearness to the loudspeaker the sound is dull, whereas when farer away from the loudspeaker it sounds very shrill and thin. In clubs and on smaller stages your audience can scarcely hear your true sound.







What is beaming?

Loudspeakers don’t distribute sound evenly in all directions. Deep bass frequencies expand in a ball shape, while high frequencies are focussed together (into a „BEAM”) and are heard as a less pleasant, shrill sound. The most commonly used guitar and bass speakers are 10’’, 12’’ and 15’’ loudspeakers, and the larger the speaker the worse the disturbing effects are.


Pattern of sound emission from an amp:

Red = shrill sound = beam | Orange = top quality sound | Grey = dull sound

Schallabstrahlung ohne Deeflexx

Pattern of sound emission with DEEFLEXX: <= Top quality, even sound throughout the entire room. =>

Schallabstrahlung mit Deeflexx