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Gerd Schlueter & Deeflexx

Gerd Schlüter is an old hand in the professional music business. He comes from the sales side (Sales Manager for Mesa Boogie in Europe, Northern Germany Sales Manager for Klotz, …) and is also an active musician himself.


Gerd has always been fascinated by the guitar virtuoso and 8-times Grammy Award winner Carlos Santana.  He has studied his sound and playing techniques in detail and is the mastermind behind the band ‘The Magic of Santana’.


Gerd came across the Deeflexx coincidentally and then heard it for the first time at a concert by Marcus Deml.  He couldn’t believe the incredibly even sound distribution from the amps in front of the stage, but a long talk with Marcus after the gig removed any doubts.


I carried out the first test at home in my living room, and then did some audio tests with the band in the rehearsal studio. Now, after many live gigs, I simply can’t go on stage any more without the Deeflexx – SOMETHING WOULD SIMPLY BE MISSING FROM THE SOUND!


Suddenly you can hear all the nuances of your guitar sounds: the highs, and the low ends and the feedback – which is important for me for the typical Santana sound – everything is there.  And somehow it is all smoothly spread across the stage.


Sometimes we have up to 10 musicians on stage, where the sound and volume on stage must be combined well, otherwise chaos would reign on stage (balanced Band).  With the Deeflexx, it is extremely easy to monitor the guitars, the amp becomes a perfect monitor! The amps can be turned down but the sound is still clear and powerful punch. That saves time and helps keep the sound on stage transparent.



The last important live test was at a gig by ‘The Magic of Santana‘ together with Alex Ligertwood, who was a singer with Santana for 15 years, and Tony Lindsay, who currently sings with Santana.  Tony and Alex were really impressed by my sound and the idea of the Deeflexx.  They had never heard or felt the Santana-Sound in such clarity and balance.


The next time Deeflexx will be in front of all the amps, so every musician and sound technician will be happy!




Thanks HooVi for this excellent idea – „Deeflexx – Well All Right!“


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