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Aynsley Lister & Deeflexx


AYNSLEY LISTER came to Kufstein when he was on tour. His email said:


“Your Deeflexx system sounds really really interesting, I’m intrigued to see it and try it out.”


Aynsley has been using his own in-ear system for years now to be completely independent from external monitoring. His voice and guitar are fed into a mixer and straight to his in-ears. BUT:


“I always have the problem that once I start playing on stage the audience directly in front of the amps don’t stick around at the front for too long due to the beam of the amp melting their faces!! Of course the beam is never favourable for the sound engineer either and so they always tell me it’s too loud. Basically, wherever I face the amps the beam is gonna get somebody between the eyes!”


Aynsley really took a lot of time to check the sound on and off stage without his in-ears. 

“Wow – my amp sounds amazing everywhere in the hall, even when I’m stood right in front of it! It’s important for me that the audience gets to experience the same sound I am getting and with these Deeflexx in front it sounds fantastic wherever you’re stood in relation to the amp. That harsh nastiness that you get right in front of the amp is gone completely…Brilliant!”

It ended as it was expected to end – after the sound check Aynsley and the band wanted to have the Systems on stage.

“You’re sticking around for the gig right?”


Well, finally it didn’t really take a long to persuade me. During the sound check I heard a guitar sound and a voice that was more than impressive, but the firework of the band during the gig – boy oh boy …


Aynsley Lister has won the BRITISH BLUES AWARDS in 2 categories in 2014 and in 1 category in 2015! He is regularly on tour with his band in Europe …


Gig im Club THE ROBIN 2

 / Wolverhampton / January 2016 / filmed by Mike Allen