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James Burton & Deeflexx

James Burton put his stamp on the country- and rock ‘n roll music history like no other with his picking technique. He was side man of Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley just to name a few. The short exhortation became famous when Elvis cued a solo – “Play it, James!”


James invited me to a sound check in 2015 after he played a show in Vienna with a lent Deeflexx in front of his amp. He was extremely surprised by the even sound distribution and clarity of his Tele so that he wanted to get to know the inventor. From that time on James is using Deeflexx in USA when playing live gigs and so another invitation followed to a show of Dennis Jale & TCB Band.


James took me aside sometimes to tell me about his experiences, even when we met for breakfast we talked about “recording with Deeflexx” in detail.


Soundcheck – James exploring the sound distribution …


“I have been playing for a very long time but I never heard such an improvement of my sound on stage!” – and James smiled.


“I love the even spread of the sound. It really does not matter whether I move to the front to Dennis or to the side to Glenn on his piano – the sound stays the same. The amp is sounding so full and it feels amazing. Now finally I can hear my guitar sound just like the way I love it.”

“The Deeflexx System is a really impressive sound improvement on stage and in the audience as well!”

“Why did you not invent the Deeflexx when I was on stage with Elvis ???”


Well – at this time I did know about the music – but I had not an idea about “Beaming” …


I was given the highest honor on the next morning having breakfast with James:

„HooVi – now you‘re a part of the Jam Gang“! — WHAT A GLORY!



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